Legal protection of older people and where to find help

On this page, you can find the contact information of parties that offer help and support as well as instructions related to the legal protection of older people. The Ombudsman for older people does not have the authority to comment on or resolve issues related to specific individuals.

Those who are not satisfied with the service or treatment they have received can submit an objection or file a complaint with regard to the actions of an authority. In conflict situations, you should primarily try to resolve the matter with the party that deals with the issue. Those dissatisfied with social welfare and health care services can submit an objection to the social welfare and health care unit in question. The Social Ombudsman or the Patient Ombudsman can assist with submitting and objection. Complaints about the conduct of a public authority can filed with the Regional State Administrative Agency, the Parliamentary Ombudsman or the Chancellor of Justice.

The authorities and legal aid


There are several organisations that operate in Finland to promote the rights, position and inclusion of the elderly.