For the media

The Ombudsman for older people is an autonomous and independent authority tasked with promoting the realisation of the rights and best interest of older people. The duties of the Ombudsman for older people involve advocacy. The Ombudsman for older people works to ensure that the rights and status of older people are taken into consideration in legislation and decision-making. 

Päivi Topo acts as the Ombudsman for older people. She started in the office on 15 January 2021.

Services for the media

The Ombudsman for older people is happy to serve the media on weekdays during office hours. The Ombudsman for older people does not have communications on-call duty outside office hours. 

Would you like to be on the media contact information list of the Ombudsman for older people? Register via e-mail at the following address.

E-mail: viestinta.vav(at)
Media phone: 0295 666 813